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Empower Successful Teams

Empower Successful Teams

We are sure that you work with intelligent and capable employees in the performance of their jobs, but are you really getting the best out of them?

The success of your business depends of a fully engaged, productive and happy working team.

The question is: how do you ensure that you provide your team members with a work environment that best suits their personalities, work style, and learning preferences?

Achieving a fully functional, cohesive and productive team is one of the key influencing factors for a successful business or organization. It is not difficult to reach that conclusion, but it is not so easy to create and maintain a high-performance team.

We are going to follow an approach that will provide you with the basics for “building” your highly efficient team.

This approach will lead to improved motivation, increased productivity, reduced human resources expenses, and a better quality of work by driving performance to its peak.

If you are in a CEO or management role in a company, this information can also help you make decisions about recruiting, professional development opportunities and project assignments, always with the purpose of creating a more consolidated team.

Understanding other people’s differences and similarities means that we can contribute to being a more effective team. As our team grows, it also helps us identify the right “fit” while we seek to balance skills and create cohesion.

Find out in order to understand…

Detecting the behavioural profile is all about achieving a better understanding:

  • of yourself;
  • your team;
  • of how your team, as a whole, should work more effectively;
  • of what/who needs you may need the most in your team.

Growing research in the management area reflects the need to go deeper in knowing the people who work or can come to work with us. The benefits of human decoding will therefore extend to all areas of any company / organization.

This will help recruit people, build emotional and social intelligence, provide and receive valid feedback, and clearly identify what enables an effective team to fit into a unique organizational culture.

Over the last 15 years, SWAT has been working with various organizations on training projects that aim to teach customer facing employees to decode the profiles of their customer so that they can adjust to them and consequently attain their loyalty towards the brand / company. The results achieved have translated into increasing levels of customer satisfaction in the “customer experience” strategies of these organizations.

Now, SWAT has been certified by DECODE: International Human Decoder Academy® and aims to move a step ahead, acting at the source of the teams themselves, in their creation.

Human Decoding

We want to study your business and help you create excellent teams. Taking into consideration the goals of your organization / company as well as the culture and strategy of your business, we will decode which are the strengths of a person in a team as well as which traits other team members value in that person. We will decode the behavioural profile of your team by applying our Human Decoding® tool.

Human Decoding® is the most modern tool available to all professionals who deal with people, which gives them trustworthy and lasting relationships, more effective interactions, and superior results.


This tool will allow you to obtain information on how your employees prefer to learn, work and interact. Using this information, you can focus on creating a work environment that leads to improved team productivity.

It will also allow you to identify who you need and on what team that employee should be, all this in order to obtain a certain result in a short period of time, with the right number of people in the team.

On the other hand, people themselves will benefit from the knowledge of how to maximize everyone’s strengths for an effective team. Everyone will be able to see not only what their strengths are, but also how the team sees them and what they value in their personality.

Practical component

The practical component of this tool makes it easy enough to allow people to understand and apply it immediately in their daily tasks, while gaining self-confidence throughout the entire process.

It is also important to emphasize that there is no formula for the perfect team; no profile is necessarily good or bad, right or wrong. It really comes down to “fitting” a role in the context a persons’ own career or business; identifying and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your employees and then figuring out the best way to work together so that everyone feels comfortable and supported to play their role the best way possible.

Through Human Decoding® we will identify how the various behavioural styles are represented in each individual and where the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole are visible.

For the person analysed, it will be useful to reveal to them which of their own behaviour patterns are the most effective or which can be roadblocking their effectiveness in the work they perform.

As a leader, it is also important to understand your own leadership style and how it affects the effectiveness of your team because the better you understand the persons you are communicating with and the better your communication and influence skills are, the better the results you will achieve.

In summary

In summary, we can say that the Human Decoding® tool enhances people management skills and facilitates staff/talent retention initiatives.

Human Decoding® will give you a deeper understanding of your team and allow you to detect and predict:

  • What motivates and excites people in the work they do;
  • What will be the expected behaviour of people in various situations;
  • How to allocate the right work to the right person, maximizing motivation and performance;
  • The way your employees communicate and deal with conflicts;
  • How to combine a team with people of different profiles in order to complement each other and to achieve the objectives of the company;
  • How to adapt or react to change;
  • How to adapt your behaviour according to the situation and the needs of the business;
  • What style of work is best for each employee in their career development;
  • A deep insight into your strengths and strengths from your colleagues or employees;
  • How to detect behavioural strengths and weaknesses for recruitment processes, promotions, or career paths.

By gaining this greater knowledge and understanding of your People you will follow a solid path and empower successful teams!

How can SWAT help?

Contact us by e-mail (paulaserra@swat.pt) as we will be happy to show you how to get to know your employees better and to build successful teams by providing them with everything they need to be as happy as they are productive.

Author: Paula Serra

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We can support you in three areas:

SWAT experts train your team to follow a methodology that allows you to understand each customer and employee, starting by identifying their personality traits.

We have created a new consulting tool: SWAT supports you in the structuring of your teams, aiming the combination of the most adequate profiles to increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Transformation and growth are the words most frequently used by participants to describe SWAT Retreats. These new retreats, focused on the use of the Profiling tools, will promote a profound change in your professional and personal life.