It's all about Profiling

“Profiling is the PATH to develop trust relations in all sorts of environments.

Knowing the person in front of you is the most effective
way to achieve the results you want!

In fact, everyone prefers to relate to people they care about. This ability to create rapport, nowadays, is a vital competence, both in sales and aftersales, as well as in management and leadership, and even in our personal lives!

What is Profiling?

Profiling enables you to identify each person’s profile.

To better understand what lies behind each behavior you see: what you think and what you feel. Then you will be able to anticipate the reaction of the person speaking with you in each moment of interaction (sales / service / management) and choose the most appropriate form of dialogue in order to achieve your company’s goals.

SWAT helps you:

  • Know, manage and develop your team members;
  • Make each member of the team know his/herself better
  • Build long lasting and solid relationships with your customers;
  • Provide your customers or team members you lead with a true experience by focusing on their personality and respecting the way they see the world;
  • Make the entire process simpler, faster and more effective!

We can support you in three areas:


SWAT experts train your team to follow a methodology that allows you to understand each customer and employee, starting by identifying their personality traits.

We have created a new consulting tool: SWAT supports you in the structuring of your teams, aiming the combination of the most adequate profiles to increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Transformation and growth are the words most frequently used by participants to describe SWAT Retreats. These new retreats, focused on the use of the Profiling tools, will promote a profound change in your professional and personal life.

Create a team of unbeatable champions!

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