SWAT – The Profilling Specialist


Create a service of excellence for your customers.

Aftersales Training

SWAT experts prepare your Aftersales Team (both in the Program as well as in Training) to follow a procedure that allows to properly understand each customer, starting by identifying the traits of his personality.

This will be very useful for understanding and predicting customer behavior, but it is not enough to learn how to identify people’s different profiles.

SWAT’s goal is that you increase both your Customer Recommendation and Retention Rate, as well as your sales results.

In that sense, we also train your team to adjust to each profile in order to:

  • Treat each customer as he likes to be treated , developing trust and promoting Customer Retention;
  • Understand what motivated him, how he makes his buying decisions, how he compares two products/services and how much information does he like to receive, in order to improve sales in your company;
  • Understand how each customer perceives the message and remembers it in order to ensure that your product/service is well kept in his memory;
  • Know what to expect from each customer so that the proper support can be provided during the entire sales process, increasing your closing rate.

Give your team the correct tools for increased Customer Loyalty!

Bearing in mind that each member of your team, with his or her attitude alone, has the power to influence the customer’s experience, making him buy from you again ... or not!

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