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Profiling: New Service Approach

COMPLETE program consisting of six training modules, two days long each.

The first day always introduces a new tool, while the second day consists of practical simulations and a hands-on approach, applying the new tool to the business reality of your company.


Companies that want to update their Aftersales area improving their ability to adjust do each customer.

Each participant is evaluated individually and the results of this evaluation are communicated to your company at the end of each training.

Profiling is then deepened as a behavioral diagnosis tool with a strong practical component.


1st Training: Participants learn to sense how each customer likes to be treated and how to adjust to him, promoting trust and retention. 2nd Training: Participants develop questioning skills and techniques and how to detect:

  • What motivates each customer to purchase;
  • How does the customer make his buying decisions;
  • How to build a sales pitch according to each customer, promoting additional sales.

3rd Training: Participants improve their product explanation, adjusting to how each customer perceives and memorizes the information. Communication becomes more effective and efficient and every sale becomes simpler and faster.

4th Training: Participants discover how to interact with each customer, when to be more careful, how to control the most difficult, who needs more support, making each interaction more predictable and effective. Again, promoting additional sales and customer retention.

5th Training: Participants will learn how to read the customer’s body language and micro-expressions, improving their own non-verbal communication, being able to anticipate and manage the entire sales or service process.

6th Training: After consolidating all the knowledge gained, participants will receive the last tool: how to effectively deal with customer complaints, so that they are prepared for anything!

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