SWAT – The Profilling Specialist


We help your team understand each customer!

Profiling: The Service Power

Course length: three consecutive days

Your aftersales team will benefit from a first approach to the four Profiling tools that define our SWAT Profiling Tool, learning:

  • To identify how each customer likes to be treated;
  • To identify the right questions to order to find out what motivates the customer to buy;
  • How the customer makes his decision;
  • To discover that we can explain the same product / service in different ways;
  • To discover how the client recieve the information;
  • To become aware of how our customers' behaviors are predictable;
  • And finally, concluding that with study, training and preparation can substantially increase your sales results.


Companies that want to update their Aftersales area improving their ability to adjust do each customer.

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