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The right person in the right job function increases the employees’ motivation and develops the business.

Management and Psychosocial Sciences are increasingly integrated nowadays, making it easier to diagnose the needs of each team. Therefore, the most advanced organizations rely on Behavioral Profiling to harmonize their teams towards success.

Sometimes you just have to move a piece of the puzzle so that your team’s efficiency improves substantially; other times it is only necessary to support the development of certain competences in some elements; in some other cases, major changes are needed.

SWAT supports you in structuring your teams, in view of the most appropriate combination of profiles.

Our Consulting process is based on two main pillars:

  • Assessment – achieved through the application of various techniques;
  • Appraisal and solutions – analysis and presentation of the current situation, recommendations to reach the desired level and related action plans.

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The assessment is a pure evaluation of Behavioral Profiling that will allow you to discover the profile of each of your team members.

It is not enough to have employees with the right job skills. Each team must have a certain balance of profiles that complement each other and ensure that they are all in line with the core competences of the company and its strategic objectives.

Não chega ter colaboradores com as competências profissionais certas. É preciso que cada equipa tenha um equilíbrio de perfis certo, que se complementem e garantam estarem todos em linha com as core competences da empresa e os seus objetivos/metas estratégicas.

Assessment Process

Each team member will start by answering a series of online tests, which will allow us to obtain a first profile of the employee. This result is shared with each person because the key to success lies in self-knowledge: the greater our understanding of ourselves, the more we will act in a structured way towards our goals and objectives. The self-diagnostics allows the employee to understand his/her thinking style as well as strengths and weaknesses, with the greater objective of improving his/her potential.

Depending on the specific traits of the team, we may or may not apply group exercises, used to examine the individual’s behavior during interpersonal relationships. In such an assessment a SWAT Profiler Specialist follows these situational exercises analyzing participants’ reactions and behaviors.

Depending on the type of team, we may choose to have a Profiler Specialist applying a situational assessment to observe participants’ specific behaviors in real situations of his working environment.

The SWAT Profiler Specialist will conduct an individual interview with each team member. Applying all his knowledge of the Profiling tools, body language reading techniques and detecting truth or lies, he will make the necessary adjustments to the results delivered by the computer tool.

SWAT Profiling Assessments will allow you to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in terms of attitudes and behaviors of each team member;
  • Manage the performance of your employees;
  • Create career plans (skills orientation, job function development and career);
  • Stimulate and motivate your staff (where to improve employee satisfaction);
  • Identify areas of development in which investments with training or coaching should be maximized;
  • Validate the organizational culture (a support tool when conducting processes of human and organizational development or organizational change);
  • Identify and recommend future leaders;
  • Evaluate executives during merger or acquisition processes;
  • Improve communication between the entire team;
  • Identify the balance of team profiles for its strategic objective and suggest possible changes of employees between departments or even the selection of new employees;
  • Recruit the right person to join a specific team.

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Appraisal and solutions

Throughout the SWAT working process, evaluation is ongoing and feedback meetings will be scheduled with the project manager and the Administration. The appraisal process aims to find ways to harmonize individual traits with organizational needs.

At the end of the assessment a report containing the behavioral profile of each team member is produced, mentioning personal development potential as well as gaps detected towards the organizational needs.

In order to have high performance teams, it is essential to achieve the perfect balance of personalities for the goal to be achieved. The harmony of profiles in a sales team is different from that of a production team. Even depending on your business, the balance of profiles has to be studied specifically. If we have a very large weight of a certain profile, the environment can be either negative or we can come across a number of employees working far below their potential.

No final da intervenção de diagnóstico é produzido um relatório que contém o perfil comportamental de cada um dos colaboradores, bem como o seu potencial de desenvolvimento e os gaps em relação às necessidades organizacionais.

Para se ter equipas de alta performance, é indispensável conseguir-se o equilíbrio perfeito de personalidades para o objetivo a atingir. A harmonia de perfis numa equipa de vendas é diferente da de numa equipa de produção. Mesmo dependendo do sector de atuação da sua empresa, o equilíbrio de perfis tem de ser estudado especificamente. Se tivermos um peso muito grande de um determinado perfil, o ambiente pode ser péssimo, ou depararmo-nos com uma série de colaboradores a trabalharem muito abaixo do seu potencial.

In Summary…

Once the Assessment is shaped, it is imperative to analyze with you:

  • Where and how your team stands - diagnosed situation;
  • Where you need to get - desirable situation (what combination of profiles is ideal so that your team can produce the best results);
  • What you have to do to get there - actions to be taken (it can mean changing people between departments, replacing some element (s), delivering training or coaching to certain person (s), recruiting, or simply adapting the tasks of each team member).

To hold high-performance teams and achieve the objectives outlined, a perfect balance of personalities is desirable.

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