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Happiness at Work: The Impact of Happiness on Productivity

Happiness at Work: The Impact of Happiness on Productivity

Happiness at work is becoming a major concern of many companies. However, are we adapting the motivation strategy to each of our employees?

The impact of happiness on productivity is not new. Happy employees are more productive and generate better results. There is an increased integration between Management and Psychosocial Sciences. Companies are looking for new ways to create a work environment where motivation and happiness rule.

Several aspects influence the happiness and motivation of an employee. Personal life is not the only factor to take into account in this equation, although it represents a high percentage of it. The working environment and professional achievement too have a high impact.

Promoting motivation in your employees is not just about offering a pack of benefits.  A common mistake companies make is to support their strategy on offering material benefits.

Of course, salary and bonuses are important. However, these cannot, per si, motivate an employee to give his best. What needs to be done? Create an environment of understanding, support and motivation in the workplace.

Happiness at work:
what can I do to motivate my employees?

Firstly, it is essential to understand that each person is unique. This means that what motivates an employee and leads him to do his / her best in day-to-day work may not be the same for the rest.

The trick to creating happy and, therefore, more productive teams is to get to know each one of the members in front of you. This is one of the key points for effective leadership!

The right employee, in the right place, becomes more motivated. This leads to increased productivity and results. That is why it is essential to know and evaluate each one of your  team members.

In order to create happy, motivated, and successful employees, you will have to consider two aspects: teamwork and leadership.

Improve Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential factor for your company to achieve better results. As a result, it is necessary to create the right teams with the right employees.

Sometimes changing just one element may be enough to get the team working better and achieving better results. Other times it may be necessary to support the development of certain skills in some of the team elements.

However, having employees with the right professional skills is far from being enough. It is essential that there is a balance of profiles within each team of your company. Thus, each member will act as a piece that complements the entire success puzzle.

Only with the balance of complementary profiles can your companies’ objectives and goals be achieved more effectively. When such a balance does not happen, a bad working environment may arise with employees delivering far below their potential.

The role of Leadership

Creating high performance teams is only possible with an effective leadership.

Leaders will have to be able to draw the profile of each team member under their supervision. Subsequently, they will perceive which employees must be grouped in the same team.

Since each person is different, it is up to the leader to get to know what motivates each one of them. Then, knowing the profile of the employees, it will be easy for the leader to identify how it is possible to help, inspire, teach and motivate each one of them.

In order to create high-performance teams, your company’s Leadership needs to be able to identify the strengths of each of its employees.

This perfect knowledge is nowadays possible with SWAT – The Profiling Specialist!

Happiness at work:
how can we help?

There are over 1500 profiles of people. Are you able to identify in which of them to position each one of your team members? With Profiling it’s possible!

Given the need for companies to have effective Leadership teams, SWAT has created a number of tools. TheProfiling: New Leadership Approach is a complete program that teaches your leaders on how to identify and get to know each one of his employees.

The Leadership Retreat, on the other hand, helps develop the ability to profile employees in just six days. This tool works as a personal journey, which helps to develop both professional and personal skills.

Taking into consideration the optimizing of your companies’ teams SWAT also created tools that address “Teamwork”!

The SWAT Consulting service supports you in structuring your teams, taking into account the most appropriate combination of profiles. These Profiling experts will help you get to know each of your employees and discover where they become more productive.

In addition, SWAT also has a training program that will help your employees realize the true power of teamwork. “Profiling: Teamwork Power” can be understood as a first approach to Profiling tools. Your employees will receive support to enable them to get to know each other better and learn the right way to communicate with each other.

Finally, SWAT also offers you the “Teamwork Retreat“!
What distinguishes this retreat from the rest of the Team Building training?
An exclusive and tailored program designed for your teams and your goals!

Find out more how we can help you!

Author: Mariana de Carvalho

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We can support you in three areas:

SWAT experts train your team to follow a methodology that allows you to understand each customer and employee, starting by identifying their personality traits.

We have created a new consulting tool: SWAT supports you in the structuring of your teams, aiming the combination of the most adequate profiles to increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Transformation and growth are the words most frequently used by participants to describe SWAT Retreats. These new retreats, focused on the use of the Profiling tools, will promote a profound change in your professional and personal life.