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The most suitable tool to lead and motivate your team members!

Leadership Retreat

Endurance: six days

The Leadership Retreat aims to develop the ability to profile each employee and adjust your way of inspiring, teaching, motivating and delegating while discovering yourself and promoting your personal and professional growth!

Dates, Venue and Investment

Dates: July 2 to 7

Location: Miravillas Hotel, Praia de Mira, Cantanhede (Portugal)

Investment: Until May 31th benefit from our Early Booking value: € 1,700

As of June 1st the value of the investment will be € 2,000

We have special prices negotiated with the hotel for participants in this event, both for dinner as for overnight stays. In that sense, when booking, please let the hotel know that you are a participant.

ransformation and Growth: the two words most frequently used by participants to describe SWAT Retreats.


• You will begin your journey of personal knowledge. Why do you react as you react to each situation?

• You will discover how this trait of your profile limits and/or does for you.

• You will learn to detect what is more important to each team member at that time in his life, how he would like to be treated and what he values the most in a sales process.

• At the end of the day you will have a task working as a group … what will the challenge be?

• You will be involved in a unique experience: Osho Dynamic Meditation.

• You will start the day by taking care of your body.

• It’s time to present the work concluded the day before …

• Self-knowledge continues: you will understand better your thinking and decision-making patterns.

• If you have children, you will learn some techniques to teach them how to make a difference in the future.

• Develop the questioning technique and learn to detect what motivates each team member to performing a task or fulfilling each goal, what level of follow-up does each team member need (delegation), how much information can he/she deal with and what you can expect to receive from each. On this day we work on Motivation and Delegation.

• At night you will experience an Emotional Reprogramming Workshop.

• Time to take care of your body.

• You will be introduced to the third profiling tool and better understand how you capture reality and how your memory works. A new world will open up.

• You will improve your ability to delegate and assign new responsibilities or tasks to various team members, adjusting how to communicate and teach something new, so that it is understood and memorized quickly. Communication becomes more effective and efficient and each explanation simpler and faster. Task assignment, communication, delegation and the ability to teach your team are reinforced at this level.

• Discover how to deal with each team member, when to be more careful, how to control the most challenging personalities, who needs to have their self-esteem and self-confidence reinforced, making each interaction more predictable and effective. Here we mainly work on improving the working environment.

• At the end of the day you will participate in a new experience of personal discovery: Trance Dance.

• The evening will be dedicated to a powerful feedback exercise.

• As always, the day begins by taking care of your body.

• You will learn to read your team members’ body language and micro-expressions, improving your own nonverbal communication, being able to anticipate and manage any interaction at any time. This tool is very useful for managing each element individually, but also for team meetings.

• Finish the day with another unforgettable experience: Kundalini Meditation from Osho

• The day begins in a different way: Mindfulness Meditation.

• The time has come to receive some coaching tools which can make all the difference regarding the way you support your team and help each element to design his career, making a difference in the lives of those you lead. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that each element that he works with attains professional growth and when he becomes independent is a richer and more prepared person.

• This last night we will have fun analysing people!

• This will be a fully practical day! Totally dedicated to develop questioning skills and techniques (essential to Profiling) and training to trace the profile of those surrounding you.

• This Retreat will end with a powerful exercise to ensure that you are ready to be your best version, both as a person as well as a professional, back in the “real world”!

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