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Seven tips to be a good salesperson (+ one tip to be exceptional)

Seven tips to be a good salesperson (+ one tip to be exceptional)

Being a good salesperson in not instinctive! The best salesmen I have trained were not born with those traits that make us say “a real salesman”!

“A real salesman” is a term often used to describe someone who can talk without stopping. Someone that shoots 500 arguments until one actually “hits” the person he’s talking to. Someone able to get away from any uncomfortable situation and with an easy joke on the tip of the tongue.


No, you do not want to be this salesman!

Here are seven tips for being a good salesperson, in fact, to become an exceptional salesperson!

Seven tips to be a good salesperson!

1 - Master the sales process

More than having a sales process, you need to master this sales process, knowing specifically the purpose of each step and how to follow it.

The sale process should be so familiar to you that you are comfortable enough to step out of it, whenever necessary, and get back on at the right time and in the correct way.

Each customer is unique, with a specific profile; the customer dislikes a process which is applicable to another type of customer, that fits all. A good salesperson is always comfortable to leave the process and then confidently resume it in order to meet the customer’s needs and adapting what’s most appropriate to that type of customer.

Each step has an objective that, when reproduced, should lead to customer purchase, in a natural way and without being pressured to close the sale.

2 – Cover your products/services

That’s it! Selling doesn’t just mean being a good communicator. In order to become a good salesperson, you have to study, learn, to want to know everything about the products/services you sell.

The client expects you to be able to answer the questions he has, to explain to him anything he asks, to show him how to use … Avoiding customer questions puts you in a fragile position and discredits you.

For you to succeed in sales it is crucial that you take the time to learn everything about the products/services you sell. Only in this way will you be able to gain the trust of your client, decide how to present each product/service and define the arguments to use, depending on the customer in front of you.

3 – Be customer centric

Self-esteem and self-confidence are essential to being a good salesperson (or being a good professional in any area), but self-esteem and self-confidence are different from ego!

While you are dealing with the customer he must be the centre of your attention, he has to feel important. During a meeting with your customer do not waste time trying to show him how brilliant you are, enjoy the time you have with him to find out how brilliant he is: how he thinks, what he stands for, what his opinion is.

4 – Learn how to observe your customer

According to Professor Albert Mehrabian (North American Psychologist, pioneer in the study of communication), the contribution to communication is:

7% Words,

18% Voice – how words are spoken,

55% Body language – including facial expressions.

In fact, more than what your customer says, it’s important to be aware of how he says it!

Learning to observe your customers’ non-verbal signals will make the entire sales process simpler and faster. Thus, objections will be prevented before they even arise and the way to the closing of the sale will become a safe one.

With each argument you will see the immediate reaction of the customer … be aware and find out if you have followed the right path or if it is time to “backtrack” and chose the other path.

5 – Learn how to ask questions

Knowing how to ask the right questions at the right time has two advantages:


1st Do you know which is the voice that most human beings prefer hearing? Their own voice! Yes, people like to talk and listen to themselves. By learning to only give  a type of feedback that encourages your customer to continue speaking, the more he will like you because he feels you understand him and that he’s caught your attention.

2nd Using the right questions, find out what is most important to your customer, what he values, what he really wants (or doesn’t want) in a product/service, what motivates him, what are his fears, what will make him buy, how he makes his sales decision, how short or detailed your arguments should be when you get to that stage of the process.

6 – Present the right arguments for each customer

I often say that two selling arguments are more than enough to make a sale, the point is, they have to be the correct selling arguments!

Whenever you have to argue and argue and argue: Stop! You haven’t noticed a thing about the customer in front of you and you’re boring him with a chit chat he’s not even paying attention to.

Go back to the previous points: what did you miss? If the customer does not show buying signals in the second argument, step back. To convey more aspects to him will mean that you did not grasp what is important to him, what he is really looking for in that product/service and, eventually, you are selling to that specific customer as you would sell to any other!

Each customer is unique and with specific characteristics. As such, each customer has their motivation to buy the product/service. Before you start arguing randomly, make sure you find out what are the reasons that will trigger him to buy.

7 – Avoid the sales closing techniques

Do you know who needs to master sales closing techniques? Those you know nothing about people or sales!

Aggressive sales are over. Selling/buying has to be a pleasant experience!

If you adjust to the customer you have in front of you, if you follow the six previous tips, closing the business will be the natural consequence.

The sales closing techniques put a lot of pressure on the customer making him undecided and uneasy. The human being, by nature, does not like to make decisions and when aggressive closing techniques are used, the customer is experiencing exactly what he does not like to go through.

Conduct the Sales Process naturally, follow the previous tips and assume that the customer has already purchased. It is far more pleasant for him to accept the buy implicitly than to suffer “key moment” of total pressure.

A tip to be an Exceptional salesperson

8 – Love what you do!

When we love what we do we are willing to go that extra mile only champions are willing to go.

When we love what we do, we try to know more, study, research, train, prepare; we carry on wanting to be better every day.

Did you know that everything in life is either growing or dying? Nature, for instance: the plants grow until they reach their peak and begin to wither, the animals grow and when they reach their peak they begin to grow old, the sun rises and reaches its peak at noon and then begins to set …

One of the secrets of successful people is to ensure that they are always growing, so that each time they reach the “peak”, such as the midday sun, they soon set a new, even higher goal, so that their growth is extended!

Author: Susana Areal

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