SWAT – The Profilling Specialist


We are your Profiling Specialist!


How we got here…

To know this company is to know its history, from who founded it, breathing its vision and values, until discovering how it evolved and became the current leader of experts in Behavioral Profiling!

SWAT has always taken on the role of a focused company: nothing is done by chance. A winning company that effectively presents results, driven towards large companies that have already gone through many training. For basic training, there are many companies in the market. Now, if you want a “serious training” then it’s the SWAT Team that has to train your team!

The SWAT tools

SWAT experts train your team to follow a methodology that allows you to understand each customer and employee, starting by identifying their personality traits.

We have created a new consulting tool: SWAT supports you in the structuring of your teams, aiming the combination of the most adequate profiles to increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Transformation and growth are the words most frequently used by participants to describe SWAT Retreats. These new retreats, focused on the use of the Profiling tools, will promote a profound change in your professional and personal life.

Do you want to discover the power of Profiling?