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About SWAT

To know this company is to know its history, from who founded it, breathing its vision and values, until discovering how it evolved and became the current leader of experts in Behavioral Profiling!

It’s the year 2003 … SWAT did not exist yet.

Once upon a time there was a happy and almost complete woman… Susana Areal… a woman as much determined as a dreamer.

She lived a life that seemed ideal: successful as a Manager, she led a team of about 170 people, and was married to a wonderful man. Even so … she felt uneasy, something was missing …

At the time, people asked her: “Why don’t you start sharing everything you already know and do so well, being so young?” Susana, as a true workaholic, always focused on doing more and better, with a work capacity far above the average, began by thinking about the idea from the perspective of a hobby, something she didn’t have! She then decided that her hobby would be to train other people! In order to deepen her knowledge, she began by selecting the main international gurus of different areas – Coaching, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Emotional Competences, Truth and Credibility Assessment (micro-expressions), Trance Dance among others. But, we’ll get to that part later … (who the gurus are and how Susana obtained, with the best, her international Certifications!).

Susana then began to train people. Sometimes at night, after a day at work, other times, she even took a few days off to live his dream.

In 2005, as customers increased, she carefully selected a team and shaped them to her image… that’s how SWAT was born! The SWAT name initially inspired by the American special forces (Special Weapons and Tactics) now meant Strategic Winning Advanced Training, that is, what Susana transmitted: Focus on Objectives, Results Delivery, Continuous Improvement and Motivation to be the Best!

Over the years Susana has trained thousands of people, always stressing that “training” is different from “teaching”; there are numerous training companies but SWAT, with its specific tools, differs by actually delivering results, as witnessed by large companies such as:

Salvador Caetano Group, Toyota Portugal, Opel Portugal, Mercedes-Benz Portugal, Auto Europa, BBVA, Vetlima, EDP Gás (presently REN Portgás Distribuição S.A.), Galderma, Portucel/ Soporcel (presently Navigator Group), Amorim Group, Visabeira Group, Bial, among many other who have trusted this team…

It was not by chance that so many important companies chose SWAT!

Susana and her SWAT Trainers are much more than just Trainers, because they truly know each participant, not limiting themselves to pass on a general message but, instead, supporting individual development!

SWAT has always adjusted research with practice, as its CEO and Founder … looking for the formulas that produces the best results for its customers!

Over the years Susana has invested in researching new tools, reconciling them for her purposes, until she created her own tool:

  • She started by obtaining a Certification in Coaching, directly with JOSEPH O'CONNOR, and extracting powerful tools to communicate with people, to help them make speeches and structure ideas.
  • Discovered NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) and once again wanted to be trained directly by its mentor: RICHARD BANDLER. She obtained not only the Practitioner level as well as the Master Practitioner level. In NLP she was additionally trained by PAUL MCKENNA, JOHN LA VALLE e MICHAEL NEILL.
  • Acquired new skills, with PAUL EKMAN ITERNATIONAL, were she has the pleasure to be trained again by JOSEPH O’CONNOR and CLIFF LANSLEY: obtaining, with distinction, the Certification on Emotional Skills and Competencies and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility.
  • All these certifications complement her core studies: Graduation in Management..

Each new SWAT training was born from this ongoing process of finding needs, learning, researching, designing and developing, suitable for a practical use!

Susana Areal then developed her own tool of BEHAVIORAL PROFILING, able to divide people into more than 1500 different profiles!

The success in large Portuguese companies, crossed borders and SWAT was invited by Raytheon Professional Services to design a Behavioral Profiling course that, during 2018, will be deployed throughout Opel Europe! In that sense, can we afford to continue to sell to all customers in the same way, or rely on the natural traits of our sales team? No!


There is a methodology, there is an order, there is a simple as well as a fun way to understand each person, using the unique tool of Profiling with which SWAT will train your Team!