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"Profiling is the PATH to develop trust in every field!"

What is Profiling?

Profiling enables you to identify the profile of each customer and team member.

The great challenge that companies have to face nowadays is being able to create long-term relationships with their customers.

Companies do not want to sell just once and then go out searching for new customers. They are aware that the cost of gaining a new customer is much higher than the cost of maintaining existing customers.

This is where Profiling stands out: guiding you to identify the profile of each customer!

How your company benefits with Profiling:

  • Increased customer loyalty;
  • New customers;
  • Additional sales;
  • Happier employees with far superior performances.

Let’s think together: what do your customers want?

Each customer wants to communicate with someone who really understands him, with someone that knows what is important to him. These needs are not often said directly, since even the customer may not be conscient of them.

Your customer wants someone that listens to him, that treats him exactly like he would like to be treated and not like everyone else. It’s important that he feels special!

Your customer wants someone that is able to “read” and adjust to him. Shows respect, conveys professionalism and someone he can trust.

All customers are different and it is not an easy task to adjust to someone you don’t know!

Find the tool that better suits your team!


Profiling is a method of behavioral analysis and response: the analysis of reactions, responses and micro-expressions tells a lot about the person with whom we are interacting!

This crucial assumption is the basis of all SWAT programs.

Profiling is the answer for companies that want to make a difference in an increasingly competitive market.

The conventional sales techniques are outdated!

SWAT’s Profiling Specialists will help your team identify the various customer profiles.

By knowing exactly who they are dealing with, your team members will be able to tailor the approach and provide the customer exactly with what he expects!

Offer your sales teams the opportunity to win customers straight away… from the first impression!

Customer retention will grow and relationships with the company will flow enduringly.

Profiling adjusted to business management

Having happy teams requires knowing each one of its members and Profiling is the right tool for that!

The Profiling methodology is not only useful for sales and aftersales departments. This tool is also a great way to ensure satisfied and motivated employees!

Have you noticed that each member of your team reacts differently to different situations? This is because, as with customers, each employee is different! It is important to understand what motivates each person and how he or she understands the different messages to be able to adjust the approach to each employee.

SWAT has specific programs for leadership and teamwork.

The different Profiling tools are extremely useful in your day to day work: they allow you to be aware of the profile of each employee of the company and then, on a case by case basis, adapt your own approach! By doing so, you can meet the needs of each member, creating a climate of understanding and respect. The result? Teams with a higher satisfaction rate, more motivated and more committed to achieving the goals!

Discover more about the tool that will transform your team into unbeatable champions!

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